Religion remains an integral part of the society to date. Even in the midst of scientific and technological development, religious beliefs continue to influence the lives of the people, especially here in Africa where they greatly influence people‘s social, moral, psychological and political lives. Religious Studies is thus an indispensable discipline as it deals with issues affecting the society at all levels. This programme seeks to enhance and strengthen the students‘ scientific research and examinations of religious beliefs and practices with the aim of enabling them apply their skills in the society. The programme will enable the students to draw some sound conclusions on religious beliefs and practices and critically ensure that questions raised in areas of scriptural studies (Bible, Koran, Vedas etc) and religious systems are well answered for better understanding of the society.

  • This programme aims at producing graduates who have adequate competencies (theory and practice) for:- Provision of psychological care.
  • Provision of training on various theories and applications of psychology. Provision of services in psychological assessment and interventions.
  • Identifying and managing emerging issues in mental health. Organizing, administering and psychological support systems. Analysing and applying the psychological theories
  • Provision of therapeutic interventions.
  • Applying the knowledge, skills, and competencies in psychological situations.Expected LearningOutcomes
  • At the end of the course, the learner should be able to:
  • Provide services in psychological assessment and intervention Identify and manage emerging issues in mental health
  • Organize, administer and manage counselling and psychological supportsystems Comprehend the theories and skills of psychologicalcounselling
  • Employ the theories of counselling in psychologicalintervention

Applicants must satisfy entry requirements for University admission. In addition, applicants must have passed K.C.S.E with a mean grade of C+ and minimum subject grades as indicated below:- English or Kiswahili C+; Mathematics C+. Applicants with a minimum of Credit at diploma level in Psychology, Guidance and Psychological Counselling, Education, Medical Health Professions, or Social Work, from recognized institutions. Applicants with a Pass at diploma level in Psychology, Guidance and Counselling, Psychological Counselling, Education, Medical Health Professions, or Social Work, from a recognized institution with at least two years of working experience in a relevant field.

The programme may be undertaken in fulltime or part time mode. Fulltime students will be required to register for eight semesters (four academic years), taking a maximum of 21 credit factors (unless in the case of approved credit transfer) per semester whereas Part-time students will be required to take a maximum of 8 credit factors per semester. A total of 173 credit factors will be required to be taken by a student to graduate.


Full Time  Ksh – 68,500 per Semester

Online Learining (Odel) – Ksh – 54,500 per Semester

Applications should be on official forms available at Tharaka University College in Gatunga; Non-refundable fee of KES 2,000 for postgraduate courses degree, and diploma programmes and KES 1,000 for certificate courses to be deposited in the following accounts:

Bank Name        Account Name:   Branch       Account Tharaka University


Co-operative      Fees   Collection  

Bank                     Account                 Chuka       0112972400000

Equity Bank        Fees   Collection   Chuka      021 0277753588


KCB Bank           Fees   Collection   Chuka       1240985967


How to Apply?

Reach out admission Office via 0721839583 or 0703684570