The Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies shall prepare students for a wide range of professional roles in the criminal justice system, security as well as the broader social science career field. The programme examines the nature, extent, and causes of crime in various settings, the impact of crime on victims and society, and society‘s response to crime. These include individual and community responses; the investigation of crimes, arrest of offenders, their prosecution, defenses, adjudication by the courts; and an array of sentencing and correctional outcomes. The nature, effectiveness and forms of criminal justicereform efforts are also studied. The Diploma also aims to examine key elements of insecurity in the contemporary world ranging from radical group activities through to long term issues of insecurity created by declining resources and conflicts or a changing environment. The focus is not solely on Kenya and the security threats it faces but includes studies and experiences from outside our borders. Studies delve in evidence based practice from around the globe but with a local focus. The programme has a practicum /internship component. This is an important learning tool that provides opportunities for students to put theory into practice, and acquire knowledge and skills directly related to various activities of their discipline, for personal and professionaldevelopment.

By the end of the programme, students are expected to:

  • Describe the field of criminology; its nature, area of study, and historical development.
  • Explain the history, roles, interactions, and the responsibilities of the criminal justice in a free society.Explain the concept of penology; origin, evolution and modern practice of treatment and punishment of offenders.
  • Demonstrate the application of investigative theory in crime scene preservation; methods of identifying, collecting, preserving, and processing evidence.
  • Describe and apply human rights principles to different stages of the criminal justice process

Candidates must have obtained a mean score of C (plain) at Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), or its equivalent. Admission may be granted to holders of a certificate in Criminology or related studies from Tharaka University or any other institution recognized by Tharaka University. Candidates who hold any degree from an institution recognized by Tharaka University may be eligible for admission into the Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies.

The Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies will be covered in four semesters or two years. To fulfill the graduation requirements for the Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies, candidates must successfully complete a minimum of 90 credit factors (C.Fs). The course will be offered on a Full-time, Part- time or distance learning mode. Methods of delivery of the programme include lectures, discussions, field visits and industrial attachment.

Full Time  Ksh Tuition Fee only – 35,000 per Semester

Applications should be on official forms available at Tharaka University  in Gatunga; Non-refundable fee of KES 2,000 for postgraduate courses degree, and diploma programmes and KES 1,000 for certificate courses to be deposited in the following accounts:

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How to Apply?

Reach out admission Office via 0721839583 or 0703684570