Geography enables students to appreciate the complexity of our world and the diversity of its environments, economies and cultures. Postgraduate Students can use this knowledge to find out solutions to unique challenges in the daily endeavors.


At the end of the programme, the graduates should be able to:

  • Holistically understand themselves and the world around them in view of making society a better place to livein;
  • Seek knowledge in the fulfilment of the human desire to know and use the same knowledge for the betterment of society;
  • Execute critical and creative decisions for the enhancement ofsociety;
  • Search for and defend the truth at alltimes;
  • Champion the rights of the people/citizens in the interests ofjustice;
  • Devoted to duty and responsible citizenship that strives to do good for its own sake as opposed to doing good for some other motive.

Tharaka University Admission rules shall apply; in addition, admission shall also be offered to holders of a first degree in Arts or any other related discipline, with at least second class honours (upper division) or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution. Applicants who do not meet the minimum admissionrequirements specified above may be required to appear for an interview by the department (either oral or written) to determine their eligibility.


The Master of Arts in Philosophy programme shall extend for a period of at least eighteen (18) months but not more 36 months for full-time students. Students taking the programme on a part-time basis shall extend for a period of at least thirty six (36) months but should not exceed forty-eight (48) months. Students may be allowed to defer their studies for only one academic year on valid reason(s) communicated in writing to and accepted by the University senate. The Master of Arts in Philosophy degree will be taken either in the combinations of coursework, examination and thesis or coursework, examination and project. The programme shall consist of a minimum of 30 credit factors of course work which will be distributed over two semesters. The thesis shall consist of 15 credit factors, the project shall consist of nine (9) credit factors, while seminars shall consist of two (2) credit factors and four or six additional courses each with 3 CFs, for thesis and project options, respectively. Course work and examination shall be completed in the first year for full time student submitting a thesis. In the second year, the students shall have to write and present their research proposals, carry out research and submit a thesis, or a project, based on the area of specialization.

Full Time  Ksh – 120,000 per Semester

Applications should be on official forms available at Tharaka University College in Gatunga; Non-refundable fee of KES 2,000 for postgraduate courses degree, and diploma programmes and KES 1,000 for certificate courses to be deposited in the following accounts:

Bank Name        Account Name:   Branch       Account Tharaka University


Co-operative      Fees   Collection  

Bank                     Account                 Chuka       0112972400000

Equity Bank        Fees   Collection   Chuka      021 0277753588


KCB Bank           Fees   Collection   Chuka       1240985967


How to Apply?

Reach out admission Office via 0721839583 or 0703684570