Provision of timely and accurate information has become an important management function in decision making, preparation of action plans and control activities. As a result, Information handling is therefore evolving rapidly through the establishment and development of libraries and information centers in the public and private sectors, industries, commerce, business and non-governmental organizations. The Master of Science in Information Science (MSIS) programme of Tharaka University is geared towards empowering students in leadership, management and provision of quality information services. The curriculum provides for the study of theory, principles and practice necessary for the management and provision of quality information services in relation to the challenges of emerging information and communication technologies (ICTs) and in keeping with the needs to make information professionals globally competent. The MSIS programme produces information professionals who are not only visionary leaders and agents of change but also champions of the digital revolution in the knowledge based economy. MSIS programme is designed to broaden student knowledge, skills, competencies and prospects within the emerging national and global information trends. MSIS will specialize in the following areas: Library and Information Management; Records and Archives Management; Information and Communication Technology; and Publishing and Media Informatics. The programme is a broad-based course which recognizes that today‘s information professions require more dynamic training in the field of Information Science to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to manage information within the society.


At the end of the programme, the graduate should be able to:

  • Apply acquired skills for effective information organization, storage and dissemination Utilize information literacy and ICTs related skills in library and information science. Apply research skills in solving problems in the field of Information Science.
  • Identify and address the emerging trends in the field of Information Science.

The regulations for the admission to the Master‘s degree Programme as specified in the Tharaka University statutes shall apply. In addition, applicants for the MSIS shall be required to have at least upper second classhonours bachelor‘s degree in Library and Information Science or related qualifications as directed by the Senate. Holders of lower class honours may be admitted if they have at least two years of recognized and relevant work experience.

The MSIS shall be taken by coursework, examinations and thesis/project. The coursework shall constitute at least forty five (45) Credit Factors, and the thesis, fifteen (15) Credit Factors. The coursework and examinations shall be done in the first year of study and second year first semester. The thesis shall be written during the second year. Full-time candidates for the Master‘s degree shall be registered for a minimum of eighteen (18) months and maximum of thirty-six (36) months. Part-time candidates for the Master‘s Degree shall complete their programme in a period between thirty (30) and forty-eight (48) months. The programme will be offered through both fulltime andpart-time.


Full Time  Ksh-130,000/= per year science based

Applications should be on official forms available at Tharaka University  in Gatunga; Non-refundable fee of KES 2,000 for postgraduate courses degree, and diploma programmes and KES 1,000 for certificate courses to be deposited in the following accounts:

Bank Name        Account Name:   Branch       Account Tharaka University


Co-operative      Fees   Collection  

Bank                     Account                 Chuka       0112972400000

Equity Bank        Fees   Collection   Chuka      021 0277753588


KCB Bank           Fees   Collection   Chuka       1240985967


How to Apply?

Reach out admission Office via 0721839583 or 0703684570