The Master of Science in Pure Mathematics programme is intended to equip learners with entirely abstract concepts with an aim towards meeting the needs of navigation, astronomy, physics, economics, engineering, and so on. Through the programme the learner is enabled to study abstract entities with respect to their intrinsic nature without necessarily being concerned with how they manifest in the real world.

At the end of the training in this programme, graduates are expected to:

  • Reason in mathematical arguments at a level appropriate to the discipline, including using precise definitions, articulating assumptions, and reasoning logically to conclusions.
  • Engage in problem solving, including exploring examples, devising and testing conjectures, and assessing the correctness of solutions.
  • Approach mathematical problems creatively, including trying multiple approaches and modifying problems when necessary to make them more tractable.

In addition to fulfilling the common university regulations, an applicant for the degree of Master of Science in Pure Mathematics should satisfy the following requirements. Hold a Bachelor’s degree at least Second Class Honours (Upper Division) or its equivalent from a university recognized by Chuka University. Those with Second Class (Lower Division) may be considered on condition that they have at least two years of relevant research/working experience. Must have taken Mathematics as a major subject in the first degree having at least 8 units in the area of Pure Mathematics at undergraduate level.

The Masters Degree programme in Pure Mathematics shall extend for a period of at least 18 months but not more than 36 months for full-time students, or at least 30 months but not more than 48 months for school based students. The programme shall be Coursework and thesis based:- Course work will take one academic year (two semesters) for full-time or three sessions for school based students followed by research, thesis writing and defence. Students will be required to register for and pass all core and elective courses with a loading of a minimum of 51 CFs before graduation. At least 36 CFs must be from coursework for candidates writing a thesis. The part-time course work mode is offered in three blocks during April, August and December vacations plus consultation sessions of at least twice a month during the off vacation period. The programme requires a minimum of Ten (10) units (30 CFs) of coursework and a successful completion of thesis of 15 CFs. A student may take extra courses over and above the required number of units. A student may also choose courses subject to the approval of the department. A problem solving approach shall be used with emphasis on library research, internet, open problems, project, modeling and seminar.

Full Time  Ksh-130,000/=,

per year science- based.


Applications should be on official forms available at Tharaka University  in Gatunga; Non-refundable fee of KES 2,000 for postgraduate courses degree, and diploma programmes and KES 1,000 for certificate courses to be deposited in the following accounts:

Bank Name        Account Name:   Branch       Account Tharaka University


Co-operative      Fees   Collection  

Bank                     Account                 Chuka       0112972400000

Equity Bank        Fees   Collection   Chuka      021 0277753588


KCB Bank           Fees   Collection   Chuka       1240985967


How to Apply?

Reach out admission Office via 0721839583 or 0703684570